Maskarada – Masks & More is a small business owned by Ilse ten Broeke, (full name Ilse ten Broeke – Arends). Maskarada was founded in 2013 and is my passion ever since.

I’ve had the opportunity to create unique wearable items for various purposes.

Photography: Sometimes an image needs a finishing touch. Over the years I have been making items for models and photographers to use during a photoshoot. Some of the results you can see on my social media.

Performances: Including movie/theater, catwalk and music concerts. I’ve had the honors, among other things, of making horns for the female vocalist of the Swedish metal band Eleine and provided horns for the music video for Life’s Electric – King of second chances. In 2016 and 2018 I was one of the designers for WAAH, Wearable Art Awards Holland.

Fantasy events: There is a whole other world out there, filled with whimsical and ghoulicious creatures. I often get requests from people who want to escape the real world by going to a fantasy event like Castlefest and Kingdom of Elfia to make them something special that they can wear with their costume.

On display: Not all customers want to wear the items that I make. It is also a possibility to decorate your home with an unique Maskarada item.

Maskarada Masks & More Photo by Marije Dijkema
Maskarada Masks & More Photo by AvK fotografie