Measurements and size chart

Custom mask

In the sheet you can see the different mask models / shapes you can choose from. In addition to the sheet you can tell me your wishes any time. For example, you can choose to add elements like horns or a shut eye. With a custom mask it is preferred to visit the Maskarada workspace to make a face cast of your face. This way the mask will fit like a glove when it is finished. If you are in no position to come to Maskarada HQ you can send me the measurements of your face by e-mail. I will try to find a face model that fits your measurements the closest. Please note that a perfect fit isn’t guaranteed with this method since every face is different. I will do my best to match your measurements the best I can.


Horns come in various shapes and sizes. I make them from very small to rather large. Check out the shop to see the horns that are ready to go to a new owner.